This Week In Credit Card News: Yet Another Yahoo Breach; Do You Hide Bank Accounts From Your Spouse?

Why 12 Million of You Hide Credit Cards From Your Spouse If you’re willing to conceal a credit card and make big purchases your spouse doesn’t know about, what other secrets are you willing to keep? If you want a great way to erode trust between you and your spouse, financial read more.

This Week In Credit Card News: 58% Abandon Mobile Purchases Before Checkout; Credit Card Sunglasses?

58% Abandon Mobile Transactions Before Checkout It’s not surprising that consumers around the world are using their smartphones to make purchases. However, while an overwhelming number of people have made a mobile purchase, the majority have not finalized a purchase they started. More than read more.

This Week In Credit Card News: Card Thieves Move To Online Transactions; New Threats To ATM Security

Credit Card Thieves Move Online As Chips Thwart In-Store Fraud The adoption of credit card chip technology by retailers in the United States is having an unintended consequence: Criminals are moving from brick-and-mortar stores to the internet. The use of stolen card data to pay for merchandise read more.

This Week In Credit Card News: How 2017 Credit Card Trends Affect You; Apple Pay Grew 50% Last Year

4 Credit Card Trends for 2017 and What They Mean for You In 2016, high-end credit cards attracted a lot of attention with generous rewards and perks. But this year, issuers are going back to basics – and perhaps charging you more in the process. Here are four credit card industry trends read more.

This Week In Credit Card News: Amazon Rules Mobile Shopping, Many Feel Threatened By Debt Collectors

Amazon is crushing Walmart, eBay and Target in the growing mobile shopping space Amazon is already the largest online shopping site in the world, but it’s also showing signs of dominating the next most important shopping platform: mobile shopping. According to a new note published by read more.